Where to Eat Japanese Food in Miami


Locals love chef NaiYaRa—where chef Piyarat Potha Arreeratn (aka chef Bee) cooks Thai street fare infused with Japanese flavors. Read More

Refreshing Sushi Dishes to Add to Your Diet This Season


Who doesn’t love a good plate of sushi sans the calories? These six guilt-free dishes are packed with flavor, making them perfect meal for the summertime.. Read More

Why NaiYaRa is One of the Best Restaurants in Miami Beach


When I first walked into NaiYaRa, I already knew I was about to have an amazing dining experience. The Bangkok-inspired dining room was almost as exquisite as the food prepared by Chef Bee, who uses an array of flavors and beautiful decor in every dish. Read More

Sushi doughnuts’ are the prettiest food mashup to invade Instagram


The world is full of crazy food mashups, but it's pretty hard to miss this wildly colorful creation. Behold the sushi doughnut. Read More

Check Out This Steak And Egg Breakfast Sushi!


Miami Thai hotspot NaiYaRa serves up a brunch dish that shows how far a little creativity goes in fusion cuisine. Steak and egg breakfast sushi, anyone? Read More

Brunch in Miami: Thai Street Food at Naiyara


Who loves brunch? Who loves Thai food?

Well, they’re two of my favorite things in the world so when you combine them into one occasion, you’ll win me over anytime. When I heard that NaiYaRa was kicking off Sunday brunch, I immediately ran to my car .. Read More


Hungry Post

Brunch is always a good idea and an even better one at Miami’s newest brunch spot – NaiYaRa. We had the pleasure to check out the only Thai inspired brunch menu and specialty cocktails in Sunset Harbour. Chef Bee took over and sent out his favorites from the menu that left us beyond satisfied.. Read More

NaiYaRa Has a Secret Off-Menu Sushi Doughnut

Miami New Times

Miami's reputation for being exceptionally late when it comes to food trends seems to be over. In the past few months, poke shops, edible cookie dough, and matcha tea stands have made their way to the 305. Now, say hello to the sushi doughnut.. Read More

Chef Bee offers Thai Brunch at NaiYaRa


NaiYaRa has brought Miami’s first-ever Thai inspired brunch to Miami Beach’s Sunset Harbor neighborhood. Culinary mastermind, Piyarat Potha Arreeratn, better known as “Chef Bee,” crafted the creative brunch menu... Read More

Brunch in a Glass: Bloody Good Bloody Marys


The brunch staple and fave of fliers of the friendly skies (because tomato juice tastes better at 30,000 feet – and, dare we say, vodka, too?), we’ve never met a Bloody Mary we didn’t love. Whether they’re classic takes on or inventive interpretations of the universally beloved hangover cure, Bloody Marys are the ideal way to toast the weekend... Read More

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