5Secre Dishes You Have To Order in Miami

“This Miami Beach hot spot for high-end Thai street food serves an off-menu sushi “doughnut” that’s the ultimate in Instagrammable eats. The restaurant swaps the sugary fried dough for rice and seaweed formed into that familiar circular shape that’s decorated with edible flowers, wasabi, ginger, avocado and spicy mayo. 

All doughnuts have a round bed of sushi rice as their base with a selection of accoutrements, from salmon, tuna and caviar to crisp rice balls, truffle flakes and cashew mayo — it includes your choice of unlimited toppings. Order this photogenic favorite during weekend brunch or dinner.”

Ana Mantica

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“The hero: Piyarat Potha Arreeratn (aka Chef Bee)
His lair: NaiYaRa & Oishi  Thai
Superpower: Producing mind-blowing Thai street food and Japanese fare
Origin story: Thai-born chef Bee first learned about cooking from his grandmother, who taught him at a young age how to prepare the regional street food she sold at the local village market in Northern Thailand. After making the move to Miami and working under Nobuyiko Matsuhisa (Nobu) and Kevin Cory (Naoe), he branched out on his own to open Oishi Thai in North Miami Beach, and most recently NaiYaRa in Sunset Harbour. Chef Bee has amassed a large fan base for his restaurants, which both reflect his deep understanding of and passion for pan-Asian fare.”

Michelle Muslera

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“Why it’s hot: The Sunset Harbour smash hit from Piyarat Potha Arreeratn — AKA Chef Bee — is always busy for dinner, with crowds eager to devour creative interpretations of Thai street food.

How to hack it: Plan ahead and make your reservation at least one week in advance. If you can't swing that, opt instead for a seat at the sushi bar, where you can order any dish from the menu and watch as chefs prepare the restaurant’s signature nigiri. Showing up early (before 7 pm) also helps.”

Michelle Muslera

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“You already know that the menu of this Sunset Harbour hot spot offers top-notch Thai and Japanese specialties. What the list doesn't include outright is the lavish otoro tartare, offered only when fresh blue fin tuna belly is available. Finely minced with two Japanese knives and pressed into a wooden box, the delicate fish is topped with caviar, edible gold flakes and shaved black truffles, and paired with rice crackers for some crunch.”

by Michelle Muslera

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“Chef Bee, the talent behind Oishi Thai, brings another foodie destination to Sunset Harbor serving Thai street food inspired by his childhood, specialties like Vietnamese prawns and sushi, coupled with signature cocktails. The hip digs also give a nod to the toque's roots, with hanging fishing baskets, a hand-painted elephant mural, Indonesian teak tables, a massive open kitchen and a zinc-topped bar.”

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